nursing homes

Medical facilities are often cold and impersonal and need that human approach patients crave. This is especially true for residents in nursing homes that depend on the little comforts that remind them of home. Century Linen crafts high-quality products to put a smile on their faces while allowing staff to bring their best.

The Human Touch of Century Linen

Equipping nursing home staff with tools to complement exceptional customer service is the key to creating a warm and welcoming space for your cherished nursing home residents. A nursing home isn’t an ordinary medical facility. It must find the perfect harmony between patient care and personalized service. Century Linen products make achieving that synergy a reality.

Reliable Products

We have everything you need to ensure a comprehensive, exceptional service for your guests. This includes soft patient gowns, fitted sheets, luxurious bed linens, pillowcases, microfiber mops, and more. Century Linen prioritizes customer satisfaction over profits. Our products are sourced from the best fabrics available, promoting long-lasting durability. This saves you from pesky inventory issues and protects your nursing home residents.

A Focus On Hygiene

A nursing home can be a petri dish for harmful germs. Diseases spread through clothing, bed linens, and lazy sanitary practices. Our microfiber cloths, mops, absorbent patient gowns, restroom supplies, and more can lessen the risk of spreading diseases.

Professional Care

Century Linen recruits the latest advancements in tracking systems and high-tech plants that expertly clean dirty linens and track supplies. Our RFID technology ensures we stay updated on the data to help us manage your inventory.

Always Here For Residents in Nursing Homes

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 access to a representative that can assist you. Healthcare never rests, so neither should we. Century Linen prides itself on promoting open communication between every level of management, so you always get the answers you need.

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