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Linen and Uniform Inventory Flexibility with Rental Services by Century Linen

No matter the business you’re in — medical, hospitality, or food service — there is one thing shared by all: linen inventory needs eventually change. Hiring a linen rental service like Century Linen is the perfect solution to handle those changing needs. To learn the inventory benefits of linen rental over ownership, keep reading!

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Importance of Quality Restroom Supplies

Restroom supply quality is an often overlooked part of your customer’s experience in a business, but is a powerful one. Restroom supply quality will determine customer comfort, perceptions, and bathroom cleanliness. If any of those aspects are compromised due to low quality supply, the consequences could be substantial. 

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Is a Mat Service Worth it?

Type “Is a mat service worth it?” into any search engine and you’ll probably get conflicting and confusing results. Opinions split widely on whether a mat service is worth it. The answer, though, is a resounding yes. Why it’s a yes depends on your situation. There is no universal answer because different facilities have different needs. 

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Benefits of a Restaurant Linen Service

There are several ways you can go about managing your restaurant’s linen needs, but hiring a third-party restaurant linen service might be your best option. Unsure about the direction you’re taking for your restaurant’s linens? Consider these benefits to hiring a restaurant linen service before making your decision. 

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Fall Events in New York

Between our autumn colors and (occasionally) beautiful snow, there are few better spots to usher in the Holiday Season than New York State. For beautiful, fun, and engaging fall events in NY, read below:

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Why Use a First Aid Service?

Do you have the right first aid kits in your facility? How often do you inspect and replenish your first aid kits? Do you have first aid kits that meet the standards and requirements set by OSHA and ANSI for the type and size of your workplace? If these questions overwhelm you, it might be time to sign up for a first aid service for your business. 

Your Guide to RFID

Your Guide to RFID

RFID – what is it? RFID stands for radio frequency identification and, here at Century Linen and Uniform, we utilize this technology to benefit the businesses we work with.

how does linen and uniform rental work

How Does Linen and Uniform Rental Work?

It’s become a phenomenon: more and more businesses are discovering the convenience that comes with commercial linen and uniform rental services!

outsourcing hotel linens

How Outsourcing Your Hotel Linens Can Improve Your Operations

More and more hotels across the globe are turning over a new leaf and outsourcing their linen supply and laundry needs to third-party service providers – and they are not looking back!

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Community Matters: Here’s How We Give Back at Century Linen and Uniform

Family-owned-and-operated for over 100 years, here at Century Linen and Uniform, we believe in giving back to the community we’ve been a part of since 1915.