Dry Mops

Forget everything you thought you knew about floor care and dust mops. Century Linen is here to show you that there are easier ways to get better, cleaner results for less effort. Introducing: Century Linen’s dust mop rental service!


With excellent products and outstanding maintenance services, Century Linen lets you do more while working less.

Dust Mops for Your Entire Facility

Century Linen takes your dust mop use to an entirely new level with dust mop rental services:

  • High-quality dust mops. Our dust mops feature higher-quality construction to help you get more out of each cleaning session. Our dust mops feature a durable and convenient handle design, and effective mopheads that pick up more dust than the average mop.
  • Top-notch mop maintenance from Century Linen. Forget about all the extra hours you lose every month to the endless cycle of washing, wringing, and drying out your low-quality dust mops. Century Linen keeps your work smooth and efficient by taking care of your mophead maintenance using the same high standards of cleanliness that we have long since been known for.
  • Secure, stable mop supply. We’re taking out every insecure, unreliable aspect of your janitorial needs by making sure you have a set of clean, ready-to-use mopheads.

Century Linen: Assurance of Reliability

Century Linen has been around since 1915. There’s no secret to the success and longevity of our brand other than the fact that we have built a culture and reputation of reliability. That’s exactly what you can expect from Century Linen’s dust mop service.

You can rely on us to deliver you high-quality products every single time. You can rely on our standards of cleanliness, that we wouldn’t give you anything we would not use or trust on our own facilities and homes – whether it’s bed linens or dust mops. Most importantly, you can rely on us to be there for you when you need dependable, quality service, transparency in transactions, and hassle-free business.

It’s All in the Reputation

Find out why our customers stay loyal to us for as long as they have! Contact Century Linen today at (800) 721-7648 to get started.