Give your employees superior comfort and protection with dependable healthcare uniform rental service from Century Linen!

The Most Complete Healthcare Uniform Rental Service in New York and Pennsylvania

Century Linen lets you save up on the cost and hassle of securing your employees’ day-to-day workwear. With our healthcare uniform rental service, we offer:

High-Quality Healthcare Uniforms That Ensure Wearer Comfort

We have carefully scrutinized each uniform to ensure the integrity of its construction, design, and durability. This way, our uniforms consistently ensure the protection, comfort, and satisfaction of each of your employees.

Powerful Garment Care Service That Maintains Safety

Century Linen Service uses advanced technology and proven techniques in the care and maintenance of your healthcare workwear. You can trust that each of your uniforms meet the safety requirements set forth for the industry.

Uniform Laundry Service That Ensures Supply Availability

With our efficient uniform handling and laundry system, you can also expect zero delays, zero shortages, and zero issues. All your items arrive in the precise condition and volume that you need for your employees’ convenience and satisfaction.

Century Linen: High-Tech Uniform Service for Your Healthcare Facility

More than just the quality of our uniform selections and the integrity of our healthcare laundry service, our advanced garment tracking technology is what sets us apart from the competition. We especially pride ourselves on our garment care facility that ensures the efficiency and dependability of your uniform service.

We also take pride in our RFID-powered garment tracking technology. This is the most advanced way to secure all of your healthcare uniforms, protecting your facility from the inconvenience and cost of garment losses.

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