Redefine the way you solve your cleaning problems with better, more reliable shop towels. Century Linen and Uniform is New York’s most trusted towel service provider.

Century Linen and Uniform has provided quality, professional linen services across New York since 1915. Rest assured that your shop towel needs will be satisfied by industry experts.

All-Purpose Towels for All of Your Cleaning Needs

Century Linen’s towels are designed to meet your every cleaning need. Our towels are made of high-quality, durable material. They can handle delicate indoor polishing and dusting and on tougher cleaning needs.

Our shop towels can withstand the pressure and demand of daily, intensive cleaning and the even more grueling laundry processes they go through. When it comes to your facility’s cleaning needs, nothing else meets your standards and exceeds your expectations better than Century Linen and Uniform’s shop towels.

Shop Towels Need Professional Maintenance Too

Even the toughest of shop towels need a personal touch, and that’s what Century Linen and Uniform will provide. We process each dirty towel in our tech-optimized facility. As a result, each item delivered to your doorstep is clean, safe, and ready to use.

Century Linen and Uniform: Efficiency is King

Century Linen champions efficiency above all, making sure that every process and every transaction you have with us is straightforward, transparent, and efficient, saving you time, money, and effort.

From pickup to cleaning to delivery, and every process in between, you can trust that Century Linen has your best interests in mind.

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For quality towels backed by reliable professional towel maintenance, look no further than the best that New York has to offer: Century Linen and Uniform. Call us today at (800) 721-7648 or leave us a message here for inquiries about pricing, products, and other services.