Patient Linen and Apparel Rental

patient linen apparel rental

Consistent patient safety and comfort is made possible with patient linen and apparel rental from Century Linen and Uniform Service!

Century Linen is the Best Patient Linen and Apparel Rental Service in New York and Massachusetts

With our expertise, you can trust that Century Linen has the best patient linen and apparel rental solutions for your facility:

Complete Selections for All Your Patient Needs

Century Linen offers the most complete selection of patient linen and apparel in New York and Massachusetts. We cover everything from your bed and bath essentials to an extensive collection of patient linens. This includes standard patient gowns and treatment-specific apparel.

Quality, Durability, and Patient Comfort in Every Item

Century Linen does not take the quality of patient linen and apparel lightly. We put each item through the most stringent of quality control measures, so you can trust that each item features superior quality, durability, and wearer comfort.

Ideal for Use in Any Healthcare Facility

Century Linen closely follows industry regulations from organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This way we can service all kinds of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient facilities, and long-term care centers.

Complete Service Management for Your Needs

Keeping up with your inventory is easier when you have Century Linen’s experts in your corner. There’s always someone overseeing your needs – from your dedicated Route Service Representative to a Regional Service Manager whose main job is to keep you happy and satisfied with your service.

Cleanliness, Safety, Security

Century Linen is your partner in keeping your facility safe. We’ve created the necessary safeguards to ensure the hygienic, safe, and secure handling of all your items, for your patients’ protection and your peace of mind.

Make the Best Choice for Your Patients!

When it comes to your patients’ most crucial needs, good is never good enough. That’s why you need Century Linen and Uniform!

Century is always two steps ahead of your needs, creating the most secure solutions for your facility’s every need. It does not matter how big, small, complex, or simple your healthcare facility is. Your patients’ needs for comfort, quality, and safety, are never small and never negligible. We are here to empower your operations and make sure your facility meets your patients’ every need and exceeds their every expectation.

At Century Linen and Uniform Service, it’s never just good enough. Our patient linen and apparel service in New York and Massachusetts is the best choice you can make for your facility and your patients. And you can start your service today.

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