Medical residents are often exposed to a variety of dangerous contagions and situations. Ideally, their apparel will protect them from these hazards. However, that apparel needs routine maintenance or it will lose its protective functionality. Running an on-premise laundry is expensive and time-consuming, which is why many hospitals outsource to a resident clothing wash service.

There’s one expert in New York and Pennsylvania with the track record and technology to provide the results your residents need!

Century Linen Offers Reliable, Clean Resident Clothing Wash Service

Century Linen is a leading provider of resident clothing wash service in New York and Pennsylvania. Here is why we stand out from the competition:

Industry Accreditations

Century Linen’s resident clothing wash service is certified by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). We have also earned the Textile Rental Services Association’s (TRSA) Hygienically Clean accreditation. This is because our medical laundry service meets the highest standards in the healthcare industry. We use thorough washing processes and tracking software to ensure that all chemicals, bacteria, and other materials are swiftly dealt with.

100 Years of Service

Century Linen has been in the industry since 1915. For over 100 years, we have led the industry with our accredited, reliable service. In that time, we have learned the best practices for washing resident clothing and other medical linen and apparel. Our experience has given us insight into how best to meet our clients’ needs and ensure their residents are properly protected.

Local, Family-Owned Care

Century Linen is a family-owned and operated business that understands and cares about the communities we serve. We do our best for them because they are our neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends. We extend that care to our resident clothing wash service, where we ensure everything is safe and clean.

Contact Century Linen for More Information

Century Linen’s resident clothing wash service is available for New York and Pennsylvania practices that need them. Keep residents safe and clean with help from our team and call us at 1-800-721-7648 to start today! Interested in a free quote or our other products and services? Click here!


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