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Benefits of a Restaurant Linen Service

restaurant linen services

There are several ways you can go about managing your restaurant’s linen needs, but hiring a third-party restaurant linen service might be your best option.

Unsure about the direction you’re taking for your restaurant’s linens? Consider these benefits to hiring a restaurant linen service before making your decision. 

1. Access to better quality products 

Reliable restaurant linen service providers often have a wider and better selection of linens. Because they are rented, you don’t have to worry about the substantial costs and maintenances of ownership.

2. Supply flexibility 

Material demands vary greatly from season to season and month to month. Working with a third-party restaurant linen service provider allows you to control the frequency and volume of your regular deliveries.


Having to pay for rentals might seem like the opposite of cost efficiency compared to purchasing your own linens. However, if you factor in the fluctuations in your linen usage, maintenance, and storage, having a third-party restaurant linen service and all its perks is the more cost-efficient option. Done with the right service provider, you are looking at long-term savings!

4. Inventory management support

While not every linen service provider can guarantee this benefit, the reliable ones, like Century Linen and Uniform, offer support beyond the usual rentals and laundry service. Century has dedicated Inventory and Support Managers whose sole job is to ensure that your needs are met. They are the ones who keep track of your usage, keep you informed in your invoices and billing, and make every part of your linen service fulfilling to your needs.

5. Maintenance support

Commercial laundry and linen care services are more than washers and folders. Commercial linens, especially those used in the restaurant industry, have higher requirements for maintenance. It takes specialized skills, a top-notch laundry facility, and deep industry experience to deliver the best results. 

It takes many years, a lot of practice, and dedicated facilities to duplicate. In short, a colossal amount of effort. Wouldn’t you rather be spending your valuable time and energy becoming the best restaurant instead of a part-time laundromat? 

Choosing Your Restaurant Linen Service Provider

Not all restaurant linen service providers are equal. Some are better-equipped at providing your business the support that it needs with efficiency and quality results. 

To guarantee a positive experience, pick a restaurant linen service provider that not only has the experience, but also has all the qualities that make them reliable: technology, high-quality product, supply and inventory support, and the desire to create an accountable relationship with you. 

Century Linen is Here for Your Business

Get all these and more from Century Linen and Uniform! Since 1915, we have been providing quality and reliable restaurant linen services within our service locations. Call us today at 800-721-7648 to find out more about our services or to get started!