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first aid kit

First Aid Essentials For Your Business

Accidents can happen at any time, so why risk being unprepared? Here at Century Linen, we understand the importance of keeping you and your employees safe. That’s why we offer first aid kit programs to all of our customers!

cog linen

COG Linen Services and How They Can Work for Your Hotel

Clean linens are essential to the success of any hotel. It’s important for guests to feel clean and comfortable for their entire stay.

how to improve your business in 2019

Ways to Improve Your Business in 2019

Are you looking to improve this year? Here are a few ways that you can grow your business in 2019!

brunch recipes

10 Brunch Recipes for Your Restaurant

Brunch is a huge trend that you can leverage to bring in more customers! Almost everyone loves breakfast food. Here are a few brunch recipes to try out in your restaurant.

work clothes and uniforms

Extending the Life of Your Work Clothes and Uniforms

Knowing techniques in extending the life of your work clothes and uniforms is part of looking good for work. After all, no one looks good in untidy, dirty, smelly, or worse – worn-out clothes that have seen their fair share of wear and tear.

rfid tracking

How RFID Tracking Saves You Time and Money

If you have been in the market for laundry and linen services, there is more than a good chance that you have encountered the term “RFID tracking” somewhere.

uniform stain removal

Uniform Stain Removal Tips and Tricks

So you’ve stained your work uniforms, now what? Stains are unavoidable at work. Whether you work in a fancy office, on the road, in a grease-filled shop, or a commercial kitchen, there is always something that can ruin your immaculate uniforms.

linen loss

3 Reasons Linen Loss Occurs in Your Medical Facility and What to Do About It

Linen loss is a huge problem in medical facilities. In fact, linen loss costs the medical industry hundreds of millions of dollars every single year. That’s money that your medical facility could be pouring into new facilities, new services, new research and more.


What to Look for in a Commercial Laundry Service

There are countless risks involved when hiring a commercial laundry service company. After all, your linens and uniforms are what’s at stake. With so many options around, how do you protect your company and keep your investments from falling into the hands of unreliable service providers?

customer service blog

Level Up with Century Linen: How Our Multiple Levels of Service Work For You

“We understand that we provide an important service that needs to be really easy and reliable for our customers. After safety, we train our team to focus on quality, accuracy, and great customer service to ‘deliver cleanliness’ and set us apart. We’re professional, hard working, and local – so we can provide fast solutions and service that is second to none!” – Richard C. Smith, 3rd generation CEO/President of Century Linen