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A company’s history sets its future. At Century Linen, our history is defined by integrity, ingenuity, and doing what’s right. Find out who we are right here! Welcome to Century Linen!

automotive industrial uniform service

How Century Linen’s Services Improve Your Industrial or Auto Business

No matter how big or small your operations are, your business can still use every boost it can get. Where your linens and uniforms are concerned, the best help you can get is from Century Linen!

linen laundry hotel service

Linen and Laundry Services for Hotels Through Century Linen

If your linen and laundry hotel service isn’t always impressing you, or if you’re ready to try service, Century Linen can help. Hotel guests are quicker to forgive bad rooms and so-so service than they will bad linens. After all, guests spend 40% of their hotel stay in bed, on those very linens. So, to stay that your linens are important is really understating the key roles linens play in your daily operations.

cost of linen service

The True Costs and Benefits of Linen Service

Linen service costs are subject to variables like location, volume, service frequency, etc. If a dollar amount is what you’re looking for,  get a personalized, accurate one with a free estimate. To learn about what a linen service will do for your business, keep reading!

New Linen Service 2021

Looking for New Linen Service in 2021?

Businesses not happy with their linen service in 2020 should start 2021 off right. A new year means a fresh start in many ways, including new linen service. There is no better time than now to reassess your linen care and supply and see if you need a new linen service provider for the new year.

Improve Guest Experience Winter

Improve Hotel Guest Experience in Winter with These Tips

Improve hotel guest experience in winter with the following expert tips by Century Linen!

Restaurant Linen Service Covid

Why Professional Restaurant Linen Service is So Important Now

 Restaurant linen service can help protect customers and employees from microbial dangers, including COVID.  2020 has been tragic and challenging for many businesses, especially in the restaurant industry. But help is always available if you know where to look. 

PPE Business Supply

What Century Linen PPE Does for Your Facility

Amid global concerns of the pandemic, the need for reliable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is greater than ever, and is no longer limited to medical facilities anymore. It is not even enough to simply have a stock of PPEs in your possession.

automotive uniform service

What Automotive Uniform Service Does For Your Business

  • September 01, 2020
  • Recent News
  • Century Linen Services

Does your automotive business really need a uniform service? Do other shops really benefit from automotive uniform service? What benefit does a uniform service bring to your business and your employees? Here are some reasons why it may be more valuable for your employees than you think:

reusable napkins tablecloths restaurant

Benefits of Reusable Napkins and Table Linens 

There is a long-standing debate between reusable napkins and table linens versus their single-use, disposable counterparts. Both have their benefits and drawbacks depending on how they’re used. Disposable options benefit home kitchens for convenience and cleanliness. For professional kitchens or restaurants, however, there is absolutely no contest: cloth napkins and table covers are the best.