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COG Linen Services and How They Can Work for Your Hotel

cog linen

Clean linens are essential to the success of any hotel. It’s important for guests to feel clean and comfortable for their entire stay.

But let’s be honest: it isn’t always the easiest task. Laundry is labor-intensive and can pile up fast. However, there is an easier way. COG linen services give you the benefits of clean, fresh linens without the hassle that comes with having to do your own laundry.

What is COG?

COG stands for ‘Customer-Owned Goods.’ Instead of doing your laundry onsite, you can outsource it to a linen service company like Century Linen. There are many benefits to utilizing COG linen services.

Here is how it can work for you:

Cost Efficiency

saving money

According to research done by CBRE, labor was the largest expense for the hotel industry in 2018. It isn’t hard to see why. Salaries, wages, benefits, and more for employees can take a large chunk out of hotel earnings. Not only is labor a large expense, it’s an expense that will only continue to grow. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly pay for a hospitality employee in December 2017 was $15.71. By December 2018, the wage rose to $16.27!

As labor costs continue to increase, it can be beneficial to prioritize the time your employees spend interacting with guests rather than having them do laundry for hours on end. You will also save money, time, and resources as you won’t have to invest in additional training for your employees.

Better Technology

Commercial laundries have better technology than the standard washer and dryer, and they are less expensive than investing in bulky automated equipment. Because commercial laundries are knowledgeable about cutting-edge laundering techniques, they’ll know exactly how to get rid of tough stains without damaging your linens.

Additionally, this knowledge eliminates safety risks your employees could face when working with laundry. Some companies like Century Linen also offer a 2-plant model for backups in case of emergencies. You will rest easy knowing your linens will come out as comfortable and durable as when they came in.

Time Saving

Outsourcing laundry will save you a lot of time. According to Seth Willer, National Sales Manager for Girbau Industrial, a typical laundry employee can fold and stack about 120 linens per hour. An automated folding machine can fold and stack 600-800 linens in the same time span! This is just one example of how a COG linen service can get you what you need faster than human labor could.

Additionally, a commercial laundry service will pick up your laundry and then drop it back off to you. This way, you can allocate your time to other important tasks. The ease and convenience of this service can be extremely beneficial to your hotel operations.  

Overall, COG linen services are a great way to outsource your laundry. Having clean, comfortable linens for your guests while freeing up time, money, and resources for you and your staff is truly a win-win for all parties involved.

Happy guests are the key to hotel success and no one understands that better than Century Linen. We have over 100 years of industry experience! We provide COG linen services and are committed to making your job easier. For more information on our services contact us at 800-721-7648.