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How Outsourcing Your Hotel Linens Can Improve Your Operations

outsourcing hotel linens

More and more hotels across the globe are turning over a new leaf and outsourcing their linen supply and laundry needs to third-party service providers – and they are not looking back!

Laundry, linen and supplies account for more than 10% of room maintenance costs in hotels. They also account for some of the most labor-intensive parts of hotel operations, with the cost of labor accounting for 50% of the cost of laundry operations. Here’s where outsourcing your hotel linens enters the picture. With the right hotel linen service provider, your hotel operations can expect the following benefits:

1. Cost efficiency.

With hotel linen outsourcing, you not only relieve your operations of the cost of labor of having to run your own laundry facility, but you can also get rid of the cost of the equipment in the facility and all the costs that its maintenance will eventually incur. With less of your budget going to your laundry facility, you can concentrate on other parts of your business.  

2. Better linen care results.

You can trust a reliable linen service facility to know the best ways to care for different kinds of linens as well as stay up-to-date with all the latest and best. This means that your linens will get the absolute best and correct kind of care and storage that will help extend the life of your linens. And better, longer-lasting linens never hurt any business.  

3. Storage efficiency.

With linen outsourcing comes more space. Your on-site laundry facility and linen storage space don’t generate income at all. With another company taking care of what these spaces used to be allocated for, you can use these spare spaces for other, possibly income-generating purposes.

4. Supply stability.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to hotel linens is the stability of supply. Outsourcing your hotel linens allows you to easily adjust your inventory without ever having to worry about running low during peak seasons or running out of room for supply surpluses.

5. Sustainable alternatives.

Trying to make an on-premise laundry eco-friendly is a difficult task. With an already-environmentally sustainable laundry system in place in your hotel linen service provider that can take advantage of economies of scale, you can get the greener linen maintenance that you are looking for, sans the cost of achieving it.

The Biggest Takeaway

The biggest takeaway of outsourcing your hotel linen needs is that linens become the last and least of your worries. Your partner company will take care of all the details that come with linen maintenance – from supplies to replacements and repairs, to the right wash formulas that will bring more years to your linens, to ensuring a quick turnaround time between washes.

The Right Hotel Linens Partner

Hotel linens play a massively important role in your hotel business. It is understandably difficult to lose control over the way your linens are handled and cared for, which is why it is extremely important to pick a linen service company that understands your needs, has the competency and the facility to deliver the results that you desire, and that they do so with competitive pricing.

For hassle-free, reliable, and topnotch hotel linens, contact Century Linen today at 800-721-7648! Our in-house experts would be more than happy to walk you through the services that we can provide for you.