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Importance of Quality Restroom Supplies

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Restroom supply quality is an often overlooked part of your customer’s experience in a business, but is a powerful one. Restroom supply quality will determine customer comfort, perceptions, and bathroom cleanliness. If any of those aspects are compromised due to low quality supply, the consequences could be substantial. 

Quality Restroom Supplies Benefit Customers and Staff

One of the determining factors of a quality restaurant is the state of the bathroom. A smelly, dirty, or uncomfortable bathroom will reflect badly on your business for many reasons. Offensive bathrooms will…

– Discourage guests and employees from using them

–  Suggest that other parts of the business are similarly neglected 

– Encourage the spread and transmission of germs and bacteria

– Indicate a lack of concern for customers and employees

On the other hand, a bathroom stocked with quality materials will…

– Encourage guests to relax and trust the business they’re in

– Suggest that care and concern are given to all aspects of the business

– Prevent the spread and transmission of sickness

– Provide comfort and security during a vulnerable moment

Quality Supplies Offered By Century Linen

Century Linen offers the quality bathroom supplies your business needs. If your goal is to make customers comfortable and clean-feeling, we’ve got what you’re looking for. 

Hand Towels

There’s no replacement for the classic hand towel. Evenly dispensed paper towels will ensure a clean drying for all of your customers and employees. Dry hands are vitally important in preventing the transmission of germs and bacteria. It’s been shown that wet or damp hands pick up nearly 1,000x more bacteria than dry hands. 

The least-hazardous form of hand drying is using paper towels. They’re contained until use, are capable of nearly completely drying hands, and are easily disposed of. 

Bath Tissue

Toilet paper is not the place to skimp if you’re trying to impress customers. Few things are more uncomfortable or concerning than the one-ply challenge. Aside from being irritating and scratchy, low-quality bath tissue implies that their full experience isn’t important. Not supplying quality when they’re the most vulnerable in an establishment implies how the business owner really feels about them. 

Not only is Century Linen’s bath tissue comfortable, it’s also tough. Say goodbye to frustrating bathroom breaks experienced by your customers and employees. 

Soap and Sanitizer

If keeping germs from spreading around your business is a priority, you need quality soaps and sanitizers. Soaps and sanitizers are the topical elixirs of preventative sickness, and not the place to go cheap. A sick workforce is an ineffective workforce, and quality soaps and sanitizers are an effective safeguard. 

Century Linen supplies only premium quality soap and sanitizer solution to our customers. On our watch, those dispensers will never go dry, and you can expect them to work. 

Air Fresheners

Nothing welcomes a customer into a bathroom like a fresh scent. Century Linen has a selection of engaging scents that are sure to comfort and support. Our dispensers are cool and able to match the ambiance of any environment. 

Urinal Screens

Urinal screens help make a bathroom more inviting for a few reasons. Primarily, they freshen the air with a nice scent. But they also keep the floor clean. By breaking up the stream, urine is kept from splashing onto the floor. This is important as it’s urine that feed bad-smelling bacteria colonies that are responsible for some bathroom odors.  

Century Linen is the Facility Service Provider You Need

No matter the materials or quantity needed to keep your business running smoothly, Century Linen can supply it. If you want to never worry about your bathroom’s needs, you need an experienced supplier who can get the job done. 

To start your worry-free, quality service, call Century Linen today at 800-721-7648, visit our website, or ask about a free quote