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The Importance of Professional Linen Services in Healthcare

For over 100 years, Century Uniform & Linen has been providing excellent professional linen services and impeccable customer service to upstate New York. During that time we have seen major world shifts that have impacted the importance of professional linen service in healthcare. Below we’ll cover some of the most critical factors that professional linen service provides to the healthcare industry.

Why Professional Linen Service Matters in Healthcare

In a post-COVID world, the importance of professional linen services in healthcare has come under a microscope. From lab coats to scrubs, to patient gowns, keeping linens pristine is a matter of both public perception and safety. Professional linen service from a reliable company like Century ensures an excellent and safe experience for staff and patients. 

Patient Safety

Century’s Healthcare Linen service goes above and beyond typical safety standards. Knowing the importance of professional linen service in healthcare, we treat every linen as if it was a patient in a doctor’s office. Since healthcare textiles are a matter of public health and safety, our facilities are HLAC Accredited. This means a third-party infection control professional has inspected our processes and procedures. The HLAC Accreditation Standards ensure that we provide hygienically clean linen – not just once, but every time. With each delivery of fresh, hygienic linens, Century keeps both your staff and patients comfortable and safe.

Public Perception

From senior care centers to urgent care clinics to a pediatric office – customer perception is crucial to success. An excellent experience means patients will return, leave good reviews, and recommend your facility. The importance of professional linen service in healthcare was highlighted in a recent study in Medical Economics. The study found that a patient’s perception of cleanliness at a health facility has a direct impact on the reported infection rate. Patients who did not perceive cleanliness were 2.3x more likely to report signs of an infection after their visit. Public perception directly affects your bottom line and long-term success. Using a professional linen service is vital to the best patient experience.

Renowned & Reliable Service

Century Linen has been a local family-owned company for – well, over a century! We have proudly been providing upstate New York healthcare providers with reliable linen services for three generations. Utilizing tracking technology, HLAC Accredited facilities, and unbeatable customer service, we are the preferred choice of local healthcare offices. With multiple locations, healthcare professionals can rest assured that there will never be a shortage of linens for their needs. 

Century Linen: A Cut Above the Rest

At Century we know the importance of professional linen service in healthcare. Linen loss costs the healthcare industry an estimated $840 million annually. That’s why we created our Shared Savings Programs. Our dedicated healthcare service teams work closely with each healthcare facility to help reduce loss and ensure maximum usage of linens. Our contracts even have built-in loss allowances! Contact us today or call 800-721-7648 for a free onsite review and proposal.