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Is a Mat Service Worth it?

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Type “Is a mat service worth it?” into any search engine and you’ll probably get conflicting and confusing results. Opinions split widely on whether a mat service is worth it. The answer, though, is a resounding yes. Why it’s a yes depends on your situation. There is no universal answer because different facilities have different needs. 

Additionally, what further complicates this simple answer, is that mat rental service providers are not made equal. Some are better and more experienced. Others boast of more high-end product selections. Either way, when you’re hiring a mat service, a thorough examination of your needs and their services is necessary.

What a Mat Service Does for You

A mat rental service provides two primary services: supply and maintenance.

  • Regular Supply. Your mat rental service provider comes to your facility at an agreed upon time to pick up your used floor mats and replace them with clean ones.
  • Professional Maintenance. The mat provider will replace and thoroughly clean and sanitize the soiled floor mats using industrial-grade cleaning procedures. 

What You Can Expect from Your Mat Service

Having covered the basics of what a mat rental service, let’s talk about the benefits that you can expect from it. Ideally, your mat rental service should supply:

  • Convenience. Imagine all the things you can do with your time that would spent brushing, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning your mats! 


Additionally, getting your floor mats serviced means staying on top of your floor mat supplies. With a quality mat provider, you’ll never have to worry about last minute replacements or bulk mat shopping. You’ll have top-quality, reliable, and safe floor mats at all times.

  • Cost-Efficiency. A mat service saves on the special equipment needed for floor mat maintenance. Only proper cleaning procedures ensure mat cleanliness while preserving mat integrity. Ultimately, this leads to fewer replacements, thereby cutting the cost of floor cleaning. 


Not to mention, you reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents and legal issues. Above all, partnering with a floor mat company can only translate to long-term savings.

  • Quality. Floor mat service companies guarantee not just mats of better quality than the ones you can buy from DIY stores but, more importantly, they ensure consistency in the quality of your floor mats. With a floor mat provider, you can expect clean, safe and ready to use floor mats at your facility day in and day out.  

So, is a Mat Service Really Worth It?

Working with a third-party service provider still requires money. Even with all of these benefits, is it really worth it? How can you ensure a worthwhile investment in a mat service? 

Only one thing can determine that: the mat company you go with. The right service partner must have:

– Expertise  

– Experience    

– Equipment

Most importantly, you’ll need a service company that truly understands the importance of floor mats to your facility’s everyday needs. You need one that takes mats seriously and makes a full commitment to your floor care needs.

Century Linen is Here for You

A floor mat service is only as good as its reliability, and your reliable choice is Century Linen. 

Century Linen brings you decades of floor mat service expertise unmatched by even our closest competitors. Learn more about our services today by calling ( 800)721-7648 or by contacting us here