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How to Manage Your Automotive Uniforms and Towels

automotive uniforms

Uniforms and towels used in the automotive industry are easily some of the most challenging linens to maintain in any industry.

If your linens and garments are weighing your operations down, financially or otherwise, or are just overwhelmed by the care these items require, this blog is written for you.

Let’s discuss what challenges are particular to these types of items and how you can address these challenges better in a manner that fully benefits your brand.  

The Challenges of Automotive Uniforms and Towels

These are some of the factors that make managing automotive uniforms and towels particularly challenging:

Stains. Stains are a non-negotiable in the automotive industry. And these aren’t ordinary stains that are easy to deal with; on the contrary, these grease and oil stains can be very difficult to remove.

Volume usage. The volume with which automotive uniforms and especially towels get used can be overwhelming. Top it off with the aforementioned stains and you have a recipe for a linen and garment disaster on your hands!

Inadequate/improper cleaning. The stains that are common on automotive garments and linens are, as we’ve mentioned earlier, are quite the challenge and therefore require a certain level of expertise when it comes to laundering – something which might be nearly impossible when you leave the task to generic laundry service providers or let your employees take care of their own garments and towels. This leads to permanent staining, or worse – permanent damage on your items, leaving you with the burden of frequent replacements.

How to Manage Your Automotive Uniforms and Towels Better

But lo and behold, the care and management of your automotive garments and towels need not be an insufferable task. Here are some ways to ease the burden of managing your uniforms and towels for your automotive business:

Choose quality items. The quality of the towels is directly proportional to how easy they are to manage – and we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to invest in better quality items. They may (or may not) be more expensive but they have a longer shelf life. They are more capable of resisting permanent stains as well as enduring the long and often harsh washing cycles needed to clean off automotive-related stains.

Don’t let your employees take their uniforms home. Automotive uniforms and towels need specialized care and maintenance to retain their form and functionality – requirements that are best left in the care of laundry professionals.

Keep track of your usage. Don’t let your usage and its corresponding costs get out of hand. While keeping track of your linen and garment usage can easily amount to the work of one extra person, there are linen service providers that offer RFID-embedded items that automate the process of tracking usage and make inventory management a breeze. On top of these benefits, employing automated tracking for your garments is your best defense against costly and frustrating linen losses.

Enroll your business in a professional linen and uniform service program from a reliable linen service expert!

Signing up for a linen and uniform service for your automotive uniforms and towel needs is like having earned an extra set of hands; with the right service provider, you get a partner that will take care of your linen and garment needs, minimizing the time and effort your business will have to expend on these essential items as well as securing the guarantee of better cleaning and management results. This frees you up from these burdens, allowing you and your employees to focus on more important things.

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