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Why Your Medical Facility Should Partner with Century Linen

Does your medical linen and uniform service provider really have your back? If you ever wonder whether your provider will deliver the right materials on time tomorrow, you’re with the wrong provider. Century Linen has been providing reliable services and support for healthcare facilities for over 100 years. As a result, we’ve know what it takes to get the job done. 

Our services are built around the principle of supporting our clients no matter what. Whether it’s seasonal requirements or fluctuating needs, we strive to provide what your business requires. For this reason, we’re ready for anything. Here’s why you should work with Century Linen and entrust us with your Healthcare Linen Service needs:

A Clean Record on Clean Deliveries 

In these uncertain times, you need reliability most of all, and that is what our services offer. Not only do we use the latest laundry technology to process medical linens, our processes are HLAC accredited. That means they’re regularly tested and proven hygienically safe to use. From pickup, to handling, to transport, every aspect of our services are designed for safety and efficiency.

We’re Always Stocked so You Are Too 

Supply stability is another benefit from Century Linen. No matter the demand of the moment, Century Linen ensures your inventory will fulfill your needs. Our deliveries and pickups are dedicated to timeliness, and our customer service team is easily accessible. As such, if you’re experiencing a time of need, let us know, and we’ll work through it together.  

We Have the Variety You Need

Century Linen offers some of the widest selection of high-quality medical linens and garments. This includes patient-use bed and bath linens, patient garments, as well as professional medical wear. Likewise, our products fulfill the need for quality and functionality. We want what works so you can easily access those valuable materials. 

Operational Cost-Savings

Linens account for some of the biggest overhead costs of any medical facility, no matter the size or type. And linen loss is one other expense no facility can afford – or should suffer from. 

Century Linen has safeguards against linen loss, and our program has been specifically designed for healthcare facility linen management. Coincidentally, great savings don’t have to come at the great cost of lower quality. Century Linen’s cost-containment tools help you cut the cost, not the quality.

Customer Service Professionalism 

Different facilities have different needs – and we make sure these different needs are identified and met. Century Linen begins each collaboration with a Free Needs Analysis. This consultation session is to ensure we know what you need. From there, we contact you to have a solutions-oriented  dialogue. It’s your needs that we’re concerned about, not what we can get out of you. We want to build relationships, not an empire. 

Industry Leadership for Over a Century

Century Linen has over 100 years of professional experience in medical linen services. If that does not say enough about our expertise, our consistently satisfied customers should. We have helped countless healthcare facilities improve their services and simplify their linen management with our efficient and reliable service. And we can do the same for your facility.

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