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Your Guide to RFID

Your Guide to RFID

RFID – what is it? RFID stands for radio frequency identification and, here at Century Linen and Uniform, we utilize this technology to benefit the businesses we work with.

What makes RFID so special is its ability to track items and give our customers additional security and peace of mind. As a linen and uniform provider for 100 years, we take great pride in investing in the best technology available to make our services even better for our customers.

Let’s break down how it works, why it’s beneficial, and how you can get started with Century Linen and Uniform today:

How Does RFID Work?

Here at Century Linen and Uniform, our RFID system works at optimum efficiency. For example, let’s say you are renting your uniforms through us. Your garments are tagged with RFID chips and a barcode.

When your uniforms come into our facility for laundering, the RFID chip is scanned into our laundry’s computer system. After laundering, automated rail systems separate garments by route and wearer.

Garments are then inspected and bundled. A final scan and report verifies that all soiled garments are now ready for delivery. RFID is an extremely effective way to keep track of uniforms throughout the entire laundering process, from start to finish.

What Are the Benefits of Utilizing RFID Technology?

Recent data shows that current inventory accuracy is about 65 percent. RFID can get it up to 95 percent or better! 

It delivers on-time and reduces shortages. With precise tracking, RFID eliminates delivery inaccuracies. At Century Linen and Uniform, we know exactly what uniforms belong to your business so you don’t have to worry about missing garments.

It controls garment loss charges. Another cool feature of RFID is our ability to tell you when and where every garment has been. From soiled pick-up to clean delivery, our employees are accountable for any lost or misplaced items.

It provides business intelligence. Because RFID can track garments so thoroughly, we are able to provide your business with useful reports including inventory, employee usage and abuse, cleaning and replacement history, and more! All of this information is available online in your unique customer portal.

We also use chips in our floor mats so that your assigned Route Service Representative will know exactly when it’s time to clean them. Talk about efficiency and convenience! 

Choose Century Linen and Uniform to Experience the Difference Today!

We’ve been in the industry for a century, and have seen amazing advances in linen, uniform, and laundry technology. Utilizing RFID tracking systems has allowed us to invest in our customers so that we can build a relationship on trust and loyalty.

Whether you’re in the restaurant, healthcare, or hospitality industry, Century Linen and Uniform is your one-stop-shop for linens, uniforms, floor mats, and facility services. We treat every customer like family, so allow us to help your business reach its full potential today!

For more information on our tracking system and to receive a free proposal for products and services, contact Century Linen and Uniform today at (800) 721-7648.