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What to Look for in a Commercial Laundry Service

There are countless risks involved when hiring a commercial laundry service company. After all, your linens and uniforms are what’s at stake. With so many options around, how do you protect your company and keep your investments from falling into the hands of unreliable service providers?

Fortunately, there are quite a few things that you can look into to check the integrity of a commercial laundry service. Your search for a partner company does not have to be an act of blind faith. Here are the things that you should look for in your commercial laundry service provider:

1. Transparency.

From their laundry process to their equipment to their pricing, a truly reliable and trustworthy service provider has nothing to hide. And there is only one way to test a company’s transparency: ask questions. Ask about their company policies on replacements and returns, refunds, their laundry process, their affiliations, etc.

2. History.

A good test of reliability is how well the company has withstood the test of time. Although it is not the only qualification, a company’s longevity is a partial testament to the quality of services they deliver – enough to keep the company standing throughout the years. On top of that, company history shows you how the organization has evolved and improved (or stunted) and how they handle difficult situations.

3. Customer Testimonials.

The reason why word-of-mouth advertising remains among the most reliable ways of marketing a business is because of its authenticity. It is exactly this kind of authenticity that will give you one of the most truthful and unbiased glimpses of the kind of service experience you can expect from that company.

4. Affiliations.

Who does your commercial laundry service provider associate with? These companies’ affiliations tell you the standards they maintain and the qualifications they hold, as well as give you a way of knowing how well you can trust a company to do business with.

4. Technology.

The commercial laundry services we know today are leaps and bounds apart from the laundry processes we used to know, thanks mainly to advances in laundry technology. Processes are now faster and more efficient, the results are more satisfactory, and inventory management has been made easier and more accurate. Pick a commercial laundry service company that uses state-of-the-art technology, not only in the way they do laundry, but also in the way they deliver their services.

5. Customer Service.

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Some commercial laundry service companies pick up and deliver their services directly without making any attempt at communication. Others open their doors a little wider and listen a little more to what their clients have to say about the services and results they are getting. While the first seems like a quick fix for your dirty linens, the latter is the kind of business that wants to build a lasting partnership with your company. A commercial laundry service with reliable customer service makes themselves accessible at every step of the process, opening their communication lines to understand your needs and to find out how they can improve your customer experience.

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