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How Does Linen and Uniform Rental Work?

how does linen and uniform rental work

It’s become a phenomenon: more and more businesses are discovering the convenience that comes with commercial linen and uniform rental services!

But what exactly do those services entail? How exactly do linen and uniform rental programs work and how are they better for your company’s operations than your standard in-house linen and uniform management system?

We’ll break it down for you below!

How Linen and Uniform Rental Service Works

At its core, linen and uniform rental is really just that: your company renting a set number of linens or uniforms from a rental service provider. On a regular basis, the service provider comes by and picks up your soiled linens and used uniforms for processing and replaces them with a clean set, ready to use for your business.

It can’t get more straightforward than that, can it?

Actually, it can! That is, of course, if you have the right linen and uniform rental service provider!

A linen and uniform provider, the exceptional kind of course, makes sure that the whole process of renting and maintaining your linens and garments is efficient and effective! Here’s how it works with Century Linen:

  1.   Through a consultation, Century Linen will get to know what your business’s needs are.The consultation session forms a crucial foundation that decides how efficient and effective our linen and garment rental solutions are going to be for your company.
  2.   Century Linen designates the linens and uniforms that your company rents, and prepares them for your specific application. The items rented out under your account are outfitted with RFID trackers – microchips embedded into the fabrics that automatically track and record each little process, keeping everything recorded under your account. This way, through each delivery, pickup, repair, and every single one of the washing cycles they go through, your garments are all tracked and noted.
  3.   Your account gets assigned a dedicated service management team, most crucial of which is your Route Service Representative (RSR) that oversees all deliveries under your account, your Inventory and Support Manager (ISM) who makes sure all your needs – including those last-minute emergency additions you may need for your deliveries – are taken care of, and a Regional Service Manager (RSM) that ensures every single part of our operations is working smoothly and efficiently, and that all goals, quotas, and needs are met.
  4.   Your rented linens and garments are delivered on schedule, and your soiled garments are picked up for cleaning to be delivered on your next scheduled delivery day.

This system, that has helped countless companies within our service areas for the last couple of decades, provides each company that we work with the guarantee of expert support in multiple areas of linen and uniform need – from inventory management to stability of supply to quality control.

Rental: The Better Option

It’s become easy to understand, from knowing how linen and uniform rental services work, why it’s the best choice for businesses:

 – Renting is convenient.

 – It guarantees industrial-scale maintenance.

 – It saves your company from the sky-high upfront costs of buying your own inventory.

 – Repairs and replacements are made easier and faster.

 – Rental means no need for extra equipment or storage.

 – Renting means having a flexible supply option that can go higher or lower depending  on your facility’s need at any given point.

The Better Option from the Best Source

These benefits are, of course, contingent on where you get your linen and uniform services from. Explore and experience these benefits for yourself with a company that has been delivering quality results and solutions for more than 100 years: Century Linen!

Get more information or get started today – contact us at 800-721-7648!