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How RFID Tracking Saves You Time and Money

rfid tracking

If you have been in the market for laundry and linen services, there is more than a good chance that you have encountered the term “RFID tracking” somewhere.

It is advertised in a bundle of ways – it saves you time, it protects you from linen loss, it makes inventory management easier, it’s cutting-edge technology – the list goes on and on. But how exactly does it do that? How does RFID tracking work and how does it help you save time and money on your laundry, uniforms and linens?

How RFID Tracking Works

tracking technology

RFID stands for radio frequency identification and it works because of these three essential components:

– Tags

– Radio frequency

– Data reading

Tags or labels are embedded microchips that contain data and are attached to your linens and garments. The data stored in these labels could include client name, information on pickup, delivery, processing, etc. These labels are scanned and read by a device attached to the computer using radio frequency technology.

This means that every item you rent or send over for maintenance is automatically identified and each process – whether it’s regular washing, some repair work done, or outright replacement – is identified and stored in our database with minimal to no human intervention. These processes include everything from the moment each item leaves our premises until it arrives at your facility and back.

With RFID, nothing is overlooked or forgotten because the computer and the radio waves do all the work and minimize human error.

How RFID Tracking Saves You Time and Money

time and money

Reduced sorting time. Linen service employees no longer have to manually sort and record every item that goes through our facility. This significantly reduces the time and effort our team spends on each client’s load and, subsequently, the time your linens and garments spend in our facility, resulting in faster, more efficient turnover.

Tracking at every stage of the process. RFID tracking allows us – and ultimately you – to leave and record a unique “footprint” of each item at every stage of the process. Should items go missing, these “footprints” will allow us to map your linens’ movement to make sure missing linens are found.

Reduced linen loss from theft and mismanagement. With every stage of every process “mapped”, we significantly reduce the risk of losing linens to mismanagement. And should linen theft occur, it will be easy to figure out whether the linens were stolen at your facility or ours.

Inventory visibility. RFID tracking automatically transfers data from the garments to the “reader” and into your account, making it easy for you to manage the volume of your stocks, your usage trends, and easily predict future orders based on past trends, which greatly helps prevent costly surpluses and shortages.

Accurate customer information. Every garment is stored with comprehensive client information. This means that your items do not end up in another customers’ delivery and vice versa.

Accurate billing. Every bit of the process is tracked and recorded automatically and will reflect on your account. Ultimately, this data gets reproduced on your invoices, meaning that everything is easy to outline and locate should inaccuracies occur. With RFID technology, you can rest assured that you are paying only for the services and items that you have used.

Looking for linen and uniform rental services that use RFID technology?

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