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Level Up with Century Linen: How Our Multiple Levels of Service Work For You

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“We understand that we provide an important service that needs to be really easy and reliable for our customers. After safety, we train our team to focus on quality, accuracy, and great customer service to ‘deliver cleanliness’ and set us apart. We’re professional, hard working, and local – so we can provide fast solutions and service that is second to none!” – Richard C. Smith, 3rd generation CEO/President of Century Linen

No matter what you’re selling, customer service is at the heart of your company. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, medical facility or auto shop, what keeps your doors open is whether or not your customers feel respected and cared for. As a professional linen and uniform service company, we’re no different. At the end of the day, what matters to us is our relationship with our customers. Our customers are the reason we’ve been able to provide quality service for over 100 years.

Because of our customers, we put time and effort into our customer service program. Our tiered service design ensures that we can provide multiple levels of service to every account. Our customer service reps are always available at 1-800-721-7648 to accommodate all of our client’s requests, but we also have a detailed service structure for every customer, just in case. Each of our customers has access to:

1. Route Service Representatives

All accounts are assigned a consistent Route Service Representative (RSR) that is trained and empowered to meet your service needs.

2. Inventory and Support Managers

Inventory and Support Managers (ISM) are on the routes regularly to seek customer feedback and can react quickly to your needs.

3. Regional Service Managers

A Regional Service Manager (RSM) oversees the whole team and all day-to-day operations, with the number one job of keeping you happy!

4. CEO and Owner Richard Smith and Vice President Matt Smith

At Century Linen, customer service isn’t just a department. It’s a way of life and work for each member of our company, and that attitude goes all the way to the very top. That’s why even our CEO and Owner Richard Smith and Vice President Matt Smith are always ready and willing to address your concerns.

Take your linen management to the next level with Century Linen!

Are you ready to level up? Experience our quality service for yourself by working with Century Linen. We provide reliable linen service solutions for a wide variety of industries.